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The background for our FSCPH conferences, is to make up with an often seen deficiency or lack of safety standards within the machinery and process industry. There are several reasons for deficient safety standards – some of them being low priority, lack of solutions or difficulties in understanding procedures as well as authorities’ requirements. In addition, some companies are operating with over-engineered safety solutions requiring unnecessary and expensive maintenance. Because of deficient or non-existing safety standards or procedures accidents can occur, accidents that easily could have been prevented.

Gathering experts from several leading companies enable us to highlight those kinds of topics that present the largest challenges for the end users. In cooperation with experts and authorities, we will present nuggets, answer questions and contribute with tools for solutions that the participants can bring home to their companies.

We strive to make Functional Safety tangible and put the importance in focus!

We expect that the conference participants will leave with an increased knowledge and suitable tools for solutions, which they can convey in their companies. In addition, the participants will have a golden opportunity to network and hopefully clarified all their questions regarding practical solutions and product selection in the light of regulatory requirements.

It is of great advantage for the participants that this conference is jointly arranged by multiple stakeholders with different backgrounds, thus making the conference versatile. The speakers will address a variety of top priority aspects and there is a good chance for exchanging experience at the conference.

The target audience for the conference comprise companies within the machinery- and process industry, ranging from the oil/gas- and pharmaceutical industry to general product manufactures.

We strive to make Functional Safety
tangible and put the importance in focus!


Together we are the ultimate team!
Functional Safety Copenhagen ApS is a strong part of the trio that has shared ownership, and works for the purpose of creating safely workplaces. All three companies have close cooperation every day. Find more information about LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S, Global Functional Safety ApS and Functional Safety Copenhagen ApS below.

LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S

LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S
– also named ‘LUND E&C’, is a Danish engineering company that handles everything from major projects to minor consulting services. As Main Contractor and Project Adviser, LUND E&C focuses on individual solutions that optimize and integrate production, safety, environmental and energy considerations.

LUND E&C have among other specialists within electrical and instrumentation, steel and pipping, ATEX specialists (CompEx certified), Supervisors and HSSE consultants.

LUND E&C possesses solid experience within the process industry; the chemical, oil & gas, food, metal, biotechnological and the pharmaceutical industry.

Global Functional Safety ApS

Global Functional Safety ApS
– also named ‘GFS’, is a Danish engineering company whose main task is to support customers with all aspects of functional safety related to processes, equipment and systems.

GFS’ has the best skills and experience to support their customers in all phases of the functional safety life cycle, covering design, maintenance and operation, commissioning and follow-up.

In addition, GFS organizes ongoing courses and free meetings about Functional Safety.

GFS customers are primarily involved in oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and energy / biomass industry.


Functional Safety Copenhagen ApS
– also named ‘FSCPH’, is a Danish conference company whose main task is to hold Denmark’s largest conference on functional safety.

FSCPH wishes to convey the latest expert knowledge from home and abroad. Share suitable tools as well as solutions for as many companies as possible.

The purpose is also to create a network for clarifying questions regarding practical solutions and product selection in light of legal requirements – all in all with focus on Functional Safety.

FSCPH is aimed at everyone in the machinery and process industry.



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