Functional Safety Conference


Functional Safety Conference at Comwell Conference Center Copenhagen (Bella Center), on the 19th & 20th November 2019


Functional Safety Copenhagen (also named FSCPH) held the first conference in 2015. Much has happened since and we are now ready to introduce FSCPH 2019. As previously, we will address those challenges that Functional Safety causes to both the machinery and process industry. It is a two days event with presentations from the authorities, End users and leading companies. We find networking very important, why we have a big exhibition area where you will meet exhibitors introducing the latest products and ready to continue the discussions and share their point of view.

As something new, you are now able to choose between attending presentations or participate in workshops as these are held side by side.

Do come and be a part of two exciting days, get the newest updates as we gather Functional Safety people from both Denmark and abroad.

Conference days

  Tuesday 19th November 2019, at 08.00-17.00 *

  Wednesday 20th November 2019, at 08.00-17.00

* Evening Event Dinner at Tuesday 19th November 2019, at 18.00-21.00 requires separate registration. Remember to buy your ticket.

Exhibitor prices

Bronze Exhibitor

15,000 DKK
  • Exhibition booth of approx. 4.5 sq.m
  • Access for one named exhibitor
  • The booth will be awarded approx. 14 days before commencement

Silver Exhibitor

30,000 DKK
  • Exhibition booth of approx. 9 sq.m
  • Access for two named exhibitors
  • ”Silver Exhibitors” may choose the location of booth 1 month before commencement – Reservations for sold out booths

Gold Exhibitor

35,000 DKK
  • Exhibition booth of approx. 9 sq.m
  • Access for two named exhibitors
  • ”Gold Exhibitors” has first priority of choosing the location of booth – Reservations for sold out booths
  • Company logo on the front side of the website including at the program

The above prices are excluding Danish VAT (25%). VAT will be added to all exhibition-registrations from Danish and foreign companies.

Payment terms: 14 days from receipt of invoice.

For further information see our Terms & Conditions.

Conference area

Location of the booths is guiding, changes may occur.

Please note, there a no separating walls or wall at the back due to the exhibition area are an open area.

Setup & removal of equipment

  • Setup:
    Monday 18th November 2019, at 15:00 – 20:00
  • Removal:
    Wednesday 20th November 2019, at 17:00 – 19:00

Please note, setup or removal is not allowed during the conference period.

Removal of material that are left behind will be charged.

Rent of booth materials

Booth materials for the exhibition area can be rented by Comwell Conference Center Copenhagen (Bella Center).

Rent Prices
Per unit / event
Regular chair DKK 96,00
School table, 120×70 cm DKK 184,00
Bar stool DKK 144,00
High coffee table ø80 cm, 106 cm high DKK 184,00
White tablecloth DKK 68,00
Monitor 32″ with stand DKK 1.972,00
Monitor 42″ with stand DKK 2.620,00
Extension cord with 3 power plug, 230V DKK 440,00
Conference wall, 122 cm wide x 120 cm high x 25 cm deep DKK 584,00
Flower decoration for a table DKK 320,00

All prices are excluded Danish VAT (25%).

To rent booth materials, please contact the FSCPH team by

Please note, requests can be booked up to 3 weeks before the conference start.


There is free Wi-Fi during the conference.  


Goods are not to be delivered until the time stated above, unless you have a special arrangement with FSCPH.

Location & parking

The conference is held at Comwell Conference Center Copenhagen / AC Hotel Bella Sky, Entrance 2, Center Boulevard 5, 2300 Copenhagen S.

Bella Center Copenhagen is located close to Oerestaden. From Bella Center Copenhagen there are approx. 6 kilometers to Copenhagen Airport and 8 kilometers to Copenhagen Center and is easily accessible by all transportation means. 

Joining by car?
Prices for parking is 150,00 DKK/day (not included in the registration price)

Booking of hotel

Accommodation is not included and must be separately booked- below you will find the closest hotels (please note prices may change, make sure to check with your hotel):

    Prices from 1.350 DKK
    Distance: approx. 2 km
    Additional information


As exhibitor, you can request for the FSCPH logo to be used for marketing of the conference.

Please contact the FSCPH team by


Exhibitors are sole responsible for the damage they may cause during setup, removal and during the conference.

FSCPH are NOT responsible for these damages, theft etc. why we recommend that your insurance also include transportation and exhibition.


For general inquiries, please use our contact form below. We respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.



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VAT no. DK-36088001

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