1.   Contact information

Functional Safety Copenhagen ApS
Gl. Rørbyvej 3, DK-4400 Kalundborg
Phone: +45 20 80 45 90
E-mail: contact@fscph.com
Website: www.fscph.dk / www.fscph.com

CBR / VAT no. DK 36 06 80 01

Functional Safety Copenhagen ApS hereafter named as “FSCPH”, ”us”, “we” or “our”.

Need aditional information regarding FSCPH or the events, please contact our administration team by using above information.

2.   Accept
By purchasing at FSCPH, you also agree with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

At FSCPH, we have age requirements for purchasing requiring 18 years.

3.   Signing
Sign up to our event by using:
·  www.fscph.dk / www.fscph.com
·  contact@fscph.com

You can sign up until the first day of the event, though we recommend you signing up as early as possible due to early bird and risk of sold out.

Some events may have special arrangements; however, this will be displayed at the website.

4.   Order & Payment

When FSCPH receives your order, you’ll receive a copy hereof by e-mail specifying the event and additional purchasing including all costs.

We recommend that you save this copy.
If FSCPH can process you order, you’ll receive a confirmation by e-mail.

FSCPH can only garantee as long as the event hasn’t sold out and additional purchasing are available. Please note, that your order/registry/purchase hasn’t been conducted/accepted until you receive a confirmation.

Registry of participation cannot be shared with others than the named person.

All prices/amounts are in DKK (Danish currency) excluding VAT (25%).

All orders/registries/purchases are added VAT, this also includes exhibition booths/sponsor packages bought by foreign companies.

Payment possibilities:

Payment can be done by invoicing / bank transfer, – FSCPH will issue an invoice by e-mail.

EAN invoice is only possible for Danish public institutions with EAN numbers.

Payment terms: 14 days from receipt of invoice.

Special payment terms is only valid for companies and public institutions if you, up front, have a special payment agreement with FSCPH.

Following cards can be used for payment VISA and MasterCard at our webshop / Clearhaus using a safe connection.

When paying with card, you’ll be charged a fee similar to the cost of handling the transaction. You will not be charged before you receive a confirmation of your registry / sign up / purchase.

5.   Cancellation / Changes / Refund

FSCPH wants all it’s buyers to be satisfied with their purchasing. If you by some reason are not satisfied with the purchase, you are allowed to cancel the total purchase within 14 days after you received the confirmation- please note this is only possible for “private purchasing” not done by companies or public institutions.

Orders made by companies, public institutions and people mainly representing companies cannot cancel the purchase.

Please note, any registration/purchases/changes made 14 days or less until the first day of the event will NOT be processed -, this apply for both “privat purchasing” and B2B.

To cancel your purchase, contact FSCPH by e-mail contact@fscph.com and ask for confirmation of cancellation. You cancellation will be handled when you receive a confirmation from FSCPH. You’ll have to submit your bank account number for FSCPH to transfer your money back. Al refund will be done by bank transfer.

All changes, cancellations, refunds will be added a 10 % administration fee.

In case of cancelled event, the paid amounts will be transferred back.

6.   Collection, processing and handover of personal data

Your personal data will be saved by FSCPH. FSCPH is also data manager according to GDPR.

You can ready more about FSCPH processing personal data and your rights in the Privacy Policy.

By purchasing / signing up / registry, you accept the Terms & Conditions, our Privacy Policy and you agree to the below:

– FSCPH may share Your Information* with the presenters/speakers,

– FSCPH may share Your Information* with other participants by participant lists and similar,

– FSCPH may share Your Information* with the responsible event coordinators at the event location,

– FSCPH may publish Your Information* on a public participant list or similar,

– FSCPH may store Your Information* made available in the FSCPH system up until the event has been conducted and with a maximum of 24months hereafter.

Your Information* is considered as FSCPH’s exclusive property. FSCPH does not respect intellectual property rights concerning information made available by you.

*Your information = Information made available to FSCPH when signing up / registry for the event, (Full name, e-mail, special comments). The information is gathered by FSCPH.

Your personal information is required to process the registration / purchase.

7.   Responsibility
FSCPH is not responsible for loss, theft or consequential damages. Participants and exhibitors / speakers etc. are sole responsible for maintaining the required insurances when participating at the events.

8.   Changes may occur
Change of time, place, content, wrongly pricing due to currency changes, force majeure, delivery failure, tax changes, sold out and printing errors may occur. FSCPH has the right to make these changes.

9.   Intellectual property
The website contains intellectual property and other materials covered by intellectual property rights.

Users of the website may only use the website complying with the statutory rights as consumers. Use in any other way (copying, ripping, reproducing, selling, removing, altering etc.) is not allowed unless you have a written consent from FSCPH.

Read more at FSCPH Disclaimer

10.   File a complaint
If you want to file a complaint regarding your purchase, please contact FSCPH by e-mail contact@fscph.com.

In case we cannot settle the situation, you may file your complaint to Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (www.forbrug.dk), or by contacting the European Commission https://ec.europa.eu/odr.

When filing a complaint you must add our e-mails address.

Last updated September 31th 2018
Terms & Conditions, version 001 

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Functional Safety Copenhagen ApS
Gl. Rørbyvej 3, DK-4400 Kalundborg
CBR no.: DK-36088001
Phone:    +45 20 80 45 90
E-mail:     contact@fscph.com
Website:  www.fscph.com